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San Sebastián. Guipúzcoa

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Centre for technical studies and research of Guipúzcoa

Mangado y Asociados. Francisco José Mangado Beloqui, arquitecto


The building stands on a markedly transversal slope, a topographic feature that suggests the creation of a prismatic volume of reduced height and great longitudinal development, plus a double internal centreline served by a longitudinal corridor that is directly connected to the entrance vestibule. To achieve better natural lighting in the internal spaces, the construction is shifted away from the level of the natural terrain to improve the environmental quality of the interior spaces through the possible creation of skylights in the lower storeys. The stylistic condition of the building manifestly approximates the formal assumptions of Bauhausian rationalism.

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Technical file
Localización: San Sebastián. Guipúzcoa. Promotor: CEIT-TECNUM. Mangado y Asociados. Francisco José Mangado Beloqui, arquitecto. Arquitecto técnico: Pedro Legarreta Nuin. Ingeniería de instalaciones: Inconor. Ingeniería de estructuras: Instituto de ingeniería civil de Tecnum. Construcción: Construcciones Sobrino, S.A. Fotografía: Roland Halbe.
Francisco José Mangado Beloquí
Pamplona, Navarra
Mangado y Asociados

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