Architecture for commercial spaces

Vigo. Pontevedra

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Furniture shop in Vigo

Alfonso Penela Fernández, arquitecto


It was proposed to develop an existing industrial construction lacking in any architectural interest, on which certain interventions had been carried out that had not brought any substantial improvement to the existing architecture. The work began with cleaning and repairing the current structure and making the external skin, both vertical and horizontal, more watertight. The most characteristic feature of the intervention, however, is the construction of a continuous, lightweight, trans-ventilated façade finished in continuous sheet metal that gives the construction its identity, in a contained intervention in terms of cost: financial, architectural and constructional.

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Technical file
Promotor: Nevris. Arquitecto: Alfonso Penela Fernández. Emplazamiento: Gran Vía. Vigo. Pontevedra. Colaboradores: Afredo Sirvent, arquitecto, y Manuel Cuquejo, aparejador. Fotografía: Manuel González Vicente.
Alfonso Penela Fernández
Vigo, Pontevedra
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