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Agbar Tower

Jean Nouvel (AJN) y Fermín Vázquez (b720 Arquitectos)


The tower is a skyscraper in Barcelona that stands out not so much for its height -not even in a city like Barcelona, with relatively low buildings-as for three of its characteristic aspects. The first of these is its characteristic shape, to which one could associate a thousand and one iconic references, from the mountain of Montserrat to Gaudi's architecture. The second one is the colour of the tower's skin and the third the visual vibration produced by the openings that perforate the external surface of the tower. In this sense, we may speak of the tower as a skyscraper, not so much as a building of great height as of a construction charged with characteristic references.

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Technical file
Localización: avenida Diagonal, Barcelona. Promotor: Layetana Inmuebles. Arquitectos: Jean Nouvel (AJN), Fermín Vázquez (b720 Arquitectos). Equipo arquitectura: Jean-Pierre Bouanha, Vander Lemes, Cristiano Benzoni, Pablo Garrido, Alexa Plasencia, Cristina Algás, Francisco Martínez, Elisabeth Farrés, Julie Fernández, Emmanuelle Lapointe, Pascaline Paris y Florence Rabiet. Estructura: R. Brufau & A. Obiol. Instalaciones: Gepro. Consultor fachada: Xavier Ferrés (Biosca&Botey). Interiorismo: Jean Nouvel (AJN), Fermín Vázquez (b720 Arquitectos), García Ventosa Arquitectura, Leopoldo Rodés (arquitecto), Master. Ingeniería y Arquitectura (Project Management Interiorismo). Promotor Interiorismo: AGBAR. Sociedad General de Aigües de Barcelona. Consultores: Étienne Follenfant, maquetista, Alain Bony estudio color, Higini Arau, acústica, Yann Kersalé, iluminación ornamental, Ibering, instalaciones, y Ducks, escenografía. Constructores: Dragados, obra civil, Axima, instalaciones mecánicas, Emte, instalaciones eléctricas, Thyssen-Boetticher, instalaciones verticales, Permasteelisa Group, fachada, y UTE-Dragados - ACSA, interiorismo. Project Manager: Argos Management. Imágenes 3D: Artefactory, Mirco Tardio. Fotografía: Rafael Vargas.
Fermín Vázquez
Jean Nouvel
París, Francia
b720 Arquitectos
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