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Reform of Ikea restaurant in Vitoria

Estudio Mariscal-Fernando Salas


Ikea in Basque means a small hill. In order to conceptualise the interior space of Ikea, a restaurant was imagined located in a country house situated at the top of a small hill and surrounded by a forest of beech and oak. The reality is that this restaurant in Vitoria is a small fairy-tale house in the middle of a forest of apartment blocks. After the proposed reform, the forest will be enjoyed from the inside. Oak wood and other local woods as well as limestone and granite can be found. Unpolished wood and stone that leave in view the grain, the knots and the signs of the saw, in a search for the authenticity of the materials rather than the rusticity attributed to them.

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Technical file
Promotor: Restaurante IKEA . Concepción y diseño de interiores: Javier Mariscal / Fernando Salas. Arquitectos: Barcena & Zufiaur. Diseño Gráfico: Estudio Mariscal. Construcción: Centro Urvasco, S.A. Fotografía: Rafael Vargas.
Fernando Salas
Estudio Mariscal

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